jims studio 2019
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A place to dream and reconnect at the end of each day 

a place to write

a place to make 

The Writers Studio was designed to 'tread lightly on the earth' in its materiality, form and relationship to the elements. The contemplative space is formed from a simple, yet distinctive oak and douglas fir sitting on pad stone foundations.

The movement of the sunlight throughout the day informs the buildings angular shape. The positioning of the windows allows for this sun to fill the interior and provide a space for mediation and clear thought. 

The oak windows and purpose made cabinet, desk, simple kitchen and light pieces were made in the SASA workshop. 

The space opens a dialogue with nature and its base elements. The project is being worked on in stages to allow the client time to contemplate how to finish the garden and green roof – in a personalised way. In time as the garden grows around the studio, it will become a magical quiet retreat from the city.  

Material list 

Oak and pine frame, douglas fir, tongue and groove pine on interior, reclaimed Douglas fir floor, wood stove sheep’s, wool insulation, slate, green roof