shade boy image
shade structure
12 detail of shade
shade drawing 11
shade from above
village plan example
onesing up tree
map with drainage


Thuwavi colony is one of the many villages that were displaced after the building of the Sardar Sarover dam. The village was moved from fertile valleys on the Narmada River to dry plains 100km north.The old village expanded around an open space shaded with trees, where the community would gather at different times. The initial work here focused on how to integrate this idea of a communal shaded centre into the current grid structure of the new village and to do this in the simplest way, utilising local skills and materials.

The working process led to the design and building of a shade structure and has acted as a catalyst to addressing the larger concerns of water and livelihood.

Part funded by ICE RIBA McAslan Bursary 2006
The project featured in ICE RIBA McAslan Bursary 2007 journal and 2008 exhibition. 


bamboo, eucalyptus wood, cotton stalks, local brick