Craig Bamford architect, artist and craftsman established SASA Works in 2009 as a workshop based architecture practice. Choosing the workshop over the architects office in order to embed the poetic quality of materials and artistry into the soulful designs of spaces. Craig’s work is unique as he brings over 2 decades of craftsmanship in wood and metal work into his practice.

SASA’s vision is to design spaces and objects that in their materiality and proportion resonate healing and creative qualities. The work is sustainable in a holistic sense, considering not only the materials used, but the type of spaces and forms created. Projects are crafted from elemental materials, locally sourced, reclaimed and refashioned, fusing traditional craftsmanship with a unique sense of contemporary style and an artistry that is assembled with a deep attention to detail. 

Craig has a discerning approach to projects embedding that refined sense of care, style and detail at all stages of design and making.


SASA's portfolio includes design and concept work, furniture, lights, sculptural objects and portfolio of completed architectural projects in close collaboration with his partner artist Isik Sayarer.

SASA has recently completed Finsbury park house (2019), a remodelling of a residential home in North London, and Carrick studio a space for a councillor and artist (2018) alongside a variety of commissioned furniture and object pieces held in private collections across the world. 


SASAWorks shows work with The New Craftsmen and projects can be seen on The Modern House with recent features in a wide range of interiors and design magazines.  Craig and Isik also present lectures and teaching on architecture and run seasonal making workshops.

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Craig Bamford

Artist, Designer, Maker and Architect. When not in the workshop Craig spends his time visiting sacred places throughout the world seeking inspirations for his visions and designs. As a material thinker he continues to make draw, write and paint to explore the poetics of space. He is passionate about the quest for creating that perfect sense of place and home – in harmony with the elements and those that will inhabit the spaces.

At SASA Craig manages and directs projects working in small teams of various of passionate crafts people.


Isik Sayarer 

Artist has worked with SASAWorks on the concept designs of projects since 2009. She is a sculptor whose approach has been influenced by studies in Environmental Science and an intuitive approach to the poetics of spaces. She is particularly interested in how the use and flow of materials and proportions, initiate buildings, environments and objects to become both sensuous and calm. Isik is also the director of Fourthland a socially engaged creative practice. SASAs projects completed in collaboration with Fourthland include an award winning resident led self-build project Freespace on Wenlock Barn Estate in Hackney 2008-2018 and public sculptures The WhaleSwan Kestle Barton 2018, built as a pavilion space for performance and meetings. 


What people say about our work 

“The work screams with craftsmanship”  Nathalie Wilson World of Interiors


“It is more than I could ever have wanted”  Writers studio Client 

“Superb detailing, the love shines through more strongly the deeper you look! " The best Open House I’ve seen in 4 years!”  Salis Studio



Artist portrait about SASA by Alejandro Tarraf and Alberto Balazs