R O H A table

A table made from a piece of 400 year old Scottish oak imbedded with brass markings of the way of the land and sacred towers around the river Brue (markings include Glastonbury Tor, Bruton Dovecote and King Alfred’s Tower).The surface of the table can be read like a hawks eye map of Somerset. 2 brass mark- ers on the sides mark the north and south line. 

Bespoke versions can be made to order.

Dimensions made to requirement.


'The Oak tree that the table is made from once grew in an estate in Scotland and is approximately 400 years old...British oaks and especially Scottish ones are known for their special grain and pattern within the surface of the wood - because of imbuing the weathers and winds of the Atlantic ocean. This brings magical twists and twirls into the patterns of the grain. For me these twists echo the movement of waters through the land, through the Somerset levels - to which the surface corresponds to - the inset edge corresponding to the coast line.  The wood and proportion of the piece resonate calming qualities - evoking a sense of contemplation.  Inspirations making this piece came from an 500 year old table in Hampton court - that in its surface is imbued with use and thoughts of many generations. When making the piece I held this idea of something that could be cherished and last for future generations."

Craig 2020