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built by the hands of many 

shared by the souls of many 

The back garden is  a public space developed over a 3 year period on The Wenlock Barn Estate in Hackney. This is one of the 4 award winning public spaces that SASA and Fourthland have worked on together in collaboration with Estate residents since 2008. The project utilises a former under used green space, transforming it into a public garden, which facilitates local resident led activities, performances, micro allotments, feasts and shared growing space. Each aspect of the new public space has been constructed through resident led workshops. Including the making of a meeting house, raised like amish barns. For more information visit Fourthland 


reclaimed bricks, insitu cast concrete, reclaimed wood, stone 

Funded by the National Lottery, and the Wenlock Barn TMO.

Video by Alberto Balazs