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Allowing the poetics of elemental materials, to detail and frame a modern home. A home for living and creating.....

Remodeling and extending a Victorian house in London. 

This project in collaboration with the clients creates a series of elegant modern interiors using the crafted detailing of elemental materials. The intention of the work was to produce a modernist design that was warm and rich in material detailing, creating playful openings and spaces for creative and meditative reflection throughout the house. 

The project comprises of a range of extensive and unique works throughout; to include a green roofed extension to the ground floor, a creative studio in the garden, the design and making of bespoke furniture pieces, lighting and interiors for bedrooms, bathrooms and study areas. 

The Ground floor was opened out to provide a series of dynamic and generous spaces primarily achieved through the oak extension with opening steel windows and doors. The openings to the rear courtyard were placed at different levels to allow for varying encounters between inside and outside. Fluted glass is incorporated to disperse the quality of light entering the space – maximising the poetic atmosphere within the ground floor space.  Reclaimed maple floors run through the living room and office creating a warm contrast to the dark tinted concrete of the under floor heated kitchen and dining space – the materials accentuating the visual plains and split levels of the space.

The kitchen, living room and ground floor extension are finished in polished and pigmented Tadelakt lime plaster walls, creating a refined yet simple lustre and neutral background to a range of art objects and paintings. In our London workshop we have hand fashioned benches, stools and lighting that can be seen dotted throughout the space. 

In the garden a sunken seating area leads to a green roofed creative studio, complete with woodstove – externally clad with cedar. We designed the interior furniture of the studio as part of the structure – the desk is built into a large projecting window – offering a wonderful view to the garden, courtyard and quiet privacy from the house.

The T shaped window into the office brings light and connection to the living space. In the office a multi–faceted SASA steel and brass chandelier hangs over a SASA hexagonal table, and a steel and brass shelving system has been designed to accompany a vintage Alvar Aalto cabinet. In the hallway a SASA made sculptural light piece shines on a wooden wall – detailed with different planes of oak – increasing the dynamic flow and arrival into the house. 

The upper floors continue the dance of raw materials, oak steel, brass, exposed fixings, polished surfaces, patinated steel. Bespoke handles for interior doors and fitted cupboards – throughout the rooms. Climbing up the house light begins to enter in different ways, until you reach the split-level wooden room at the top of the house with beautifully detailed veneered walls. A warm natural space, with 4 steel and wood steps that take you up to the, birds-eye maple bed - built in shelves into the headboard and bedside lights. 

On this floor is a private bathroom – uniquely made by Craig complete with sculptural fittings, fluted glass shower divide, bespoke sink units, mirrors and lights all handcrafted in the London workshop.

From top to bottom this house is full of a refined sense of character that welcomes you in unravelling surprises in different directions. 

“The back of the house, was once a dark awkward space and has become a place where the whole family love to gather and is a joy to live around” 

Material list 

European oak, steel, brass, reclaimed maple, lime tadelakt, sheep wool insulation, cedar….