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To vision and create new works requires a space to ponder within....


The work here involved reworking, and reconstructing a once farm building into an Artists Residency space. Working with the Cold Press gallery and their Intaglioprint studio, we collaborated in their vision to create a space for artists to align with their Albert Street Gallery in Holt North Norfolk.

The existing material and historical context of the building provided inspiration for the design; its ground floor construction of flint and top floor of brick, speak of the different stages of the buildings life and use. There is a story in the material memory that felt important to enhance and create another layer of that story. The intention was to strip back the space and open it out to give it a feeling of spaciousness yet privacy within, whilst bringing in the nature that surrounds the building.  

The external work involved working with a traditional brick layer, who reinstated a large flat brick arch on the front façade  - to create openings for the new windows and door placement. Part of this design also involved working with flint and producing concrete windowsills for the ground floor. 

On the south facing façade the windows created new large openings framing the views of the tall trees. On the north side – we positioned windows to maximise the view of the wheat field and evening sunset to allow the different views of English countryside to enter through into the heart of the building. 

On both the upper floor and ground floor – a central open plan area for making and contemplating was created – each with a different quality. 

The lower level with its concrete floor and robust window seats, desk and exposed industrial pipe work formed a space for sculpting and working. 

SASA designed a custom made iron and wood staircase with a curvaceous rail to journey to the open plan upper floor.The upper floor with its naturally finished plywood floor boards, offering a softer part domestic space for afternoon drawing in the sunlight – or evening contemplation by the fire.


Fitting with the natural flow of the now exposed beams and roof space we designed a bathroom pod – that would celebrate these beams and be positioned as if a building within the building. This room was hand-built by Craig as if a large piece of furniture from a blend of oak and plywood.

During the process of renovation the works revealed historic features of the building, discovered under the walls coverings. We created a kitchen area, leading to an upstairs bedroom with these features in mind. Using the original staircase to the stable boy’s room and reinstating it as the stairs to the bedroom. On the exposed walls in the kitchen original hooks and gauges have been left as a detail to the space.

The different floor levels on the upper floor were kept in homage to this history and we carefully restored the original entry into the bedroom with a step up for modern living area. 

The courtyard leads to a print and etching studio – with new sliding doors – extending the scope of the print studio. 

Material list 

Oak, brick, flint, concrete, sheep wool insulation, galvanized steel

SASA also designed and made the window furniture.