c a R RI C K
carrick door
Carrick studioworks


A place to muse, a place to dance, a place to sing 

A nest to align all parts of ones being


Carrick retreat is nestled amongst ancient yew trees, overlooking a tidal creek in Cornwall. 


The building is a magical fusion of architectures hidden qualities of sacred proportion and the merger within form of both masculine and feminine principles. The space has an external geometric form that opens into an interior of raw surfaces. Held warmly within the exposed green oak cruck frame.

Looking up the hill your eyes first meet the surfaces of the building clad in local oak, including the roof tiles (shakes), hand split with an axe, these shakes have been used traditionally in parts of UK to create a roof protection that lasts for years.


The traditional cruck frame is exposed on the inside. The assembled frame spent 6 months out on the land, being imbued with the elements before wrapped within the external structure. This form is a wonderful greeting when you enter the building. Allowing the interior qualities of the wood to resonate with a deep sense of rawness. This type of cruck frame is one of the ancient arts of construction in the UK, utilising local oak trees and their natural curves to create a very strong long lasting structure. Another surprise and meeting between the exterior and interior is the moon portal window protruding from the mid roof line – this window allows the sunlight to circulate the room through the day and the moonlight to enter at night. Allowing for that occasional alignment of the moon in view, bringing a celestial encounter in the building.

The exposed structure on the inside allows for the placement of the functional elements, for plants and artistic collections, with separate intimate corners for study and entrance areas. Brass ceiling lights in the exposed beams and the suspended floor of reclaimed pitch pine, once housed in Bodmin town hall, creates an earthy warm glow around the wood stove. It is all of these material qualities and the raw meeting of the elements that make Carrick a perfect retreat. 

'We often talk about the importance of creating designs that leave an element of surprise and mystery. About how a space shouldn’t give away all its secrets the first time it is viewed. This delightful building is a perfect example of a space that unfolds the more time spent within it.' 

Material list 

Geen oak frame, oak shakes and cladding, oak windows, sheep wool insulation, lime plaster, reclaimed pitch pine, reclaimed granite pad stones, reclaimed pine door, wood fibre insulation, wood stove, rain water collection.


The doors and windows were made in the SASAWorks workshop before being assembled on site. The cruck frame was made and assembled by GREEN OAK CORNWALL.